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What is it?
With a focus on health prevention, the Pediatric Care-A-Van conducts both screenings and education programs for school-age children. The Care-A-Van targets city and parochial schools and area day care and community centers. Health screenings provided for school-age children include school and sports physicals, immunizations, hearing/vision screenings and lead/hemoglobin screenings.  When potential health problems are found, the appropriate referrals are made so children and their families can receive proper treatment.

The Care-A-Van is sponsored by a grant from the Children’s Care Foundation. Their support is a vital part of the Care-A-Van’s sustainability.

Who is it for?
Children living near or below poverty level who do not have ready access to preventative health care resources.

Why do they do it?
Recognizing that prevention is the key to improving the overall health of the Humboldt Park community, the Care-A-Van targets segments of the community where there is a barrier to health care access. Services are offered for free, and their increasing popularity has helped the Norwegian American Hospital Pediatric Care-A-Van become the first call schools and day care centers make when medical attention is needed.

Annually, the Care-A-Van program records more than 2,500 direct contacts with children served.


Meet the Team

Gabrielle Sauder
Manager and nurse practitioner
Responsible provider and oversees the program

Maria Medina
Care coordinator
Coordinates the scheduling and community relations

Contact:  Care Coordinator
e-mail: careavan@nahospital.org