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Women’s Health Specialists

Women’s Health Specialists
The Women’s Health Specialists at Norwegian American Hospital have assembled a first-class team of providers to implement a new model of collaborative and integrative medicine for women. Our multidisciplinary team offers services in a woman-centered environment, conveniently located at the Norwegian American Hospital.

Our physicians and midwives are specialists in women’s health, focusing on the whole person and making use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches and disciplines so you can reach your goal of achieving optimal health and well-being.

As our patient, we believe you are the most powerful player on your health care team. We encourage open communication and a provider-patient relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Together we’ll develop a comprehensive preventive and/or treatment plan that provides you with the best possible outcomes.

Providing the highest quality gynecology care to women from their teens into their 90s; our doctors and nurse midwives provide a complete range of women’s health services from annual pelvic exams and Pap smears to minimally invasive outpatient surgeries.

Women’s Health Specialists at Norwegian
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