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A certified nurse-midwife is a registered nurse who has completed an accredited education program in nurse-midwifery and has passed a national certifying exam. Certified nurse-midwives provide prenatal care, deliver babies, and offer women’s gynecology care from the first menstrual cycle through menopause.

Midwives at the Women’s Health Specialists take a personal approach to childbirth, stressing the importance of education and emotional support for parents. We recognize the diversity in women’s desires and will work with you regarding support and pain management in the process of having your baby. In labor, we will honor and follow physiologic principles for childbirth wherever possible so that your natural hormones for birth and breastfeeding are operating at their best. This blending of expertise allows us to provide safe and satisfying births. A midwife can help preserve the “normal” aspects of pregnancy and birth even for a woman who needs lots of intervention to bring her baby safely into the world.

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