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Family Medicine Residency

Hospital Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide high quality and compassionate health care services by partnering with patients, their families, our employees, physicians and the communities we serve. Norwegian American Hospital is the hospital of choice for our communities and our caregivers. We are best in class for clinical care, customer service, employee engagement, access to care and stewardship.

Established in 1894, Norwegian American Hospital has served the residents of the near northwest side of Chicago for over 120 years. Norwegian American Hospital is a premier health care provider where the patient comes first. It is a family and community centered hospital. Each of our employees strives to provide every patient with consistent high standards of affordable care. Norwegian American Hospital promotes personal wellness and is passionate in its belief that the health of the community and the health of the individual are interrelated.

Statistics for Fiscal Year 2016:

Total Adult Admissions – 7,969
Outpatient Visits – 52,523
Emergency Room Visits – 30,865
Clinic Visits – 19,377
Deliveries – 919
Surgeries – 1,958

The goal of the program is to provide an educational experience that prepares the resident to be a competent family physician capable of providing comprehensive and coordinated care to a broad range of patients and families. The resident’s educational experience emphasizes the competencies and skills needed to practice family medicine of high quality in the community. Residents will become sufficiently familiar with the specialized fields of medicine to enable them to participate as team members in the care of patients with chronic and complex disorders.

Residents will work with other members of the health care team in both inpatient and ambulatory settings, learning to become competent as leaders in the organization and management of patient- and family-centered medical care.

Over the three years of training, residents will achieve competency in Patient Care, Medical Knowledge, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Professionalism, and Systems-based Practice.

The grid below details the rotation requirements for Family Medicine Residents: (13-4 week blocks)


* Maternal/Child (IP) 8 weeks
* IP Pediatrics -8 weeks -UIC
* Surgery – 4 weeks
* Neuro/Nephro – 4 weeks
* Cardiology/Pulm (IP) – 4 weeks
* GI/GU (IP) – 4 weeks
* FMS – (IP) – 12 Weeks
* Team Care – 4 weeks
* Vacation 4 weeks


* FMS – IP- 4 weeks
* Cardio/Pulm (OP) 4 weeks
* BH/Addiction – 4 weeks
* Maternal/Child (IP) – 4 weeks
* Peds (OP) – 4 weeks
* ICU – 4 weeks
* GI/GU (OP) – 4 weeks
* Ortho – 4 weeks
* Gyne- 4 weeks
* Neuro/Nephro (OP) – 4 weeks
* Team Care – 4 weeks-
* Elective – 4 weeks
* Vacation -4 weeks


* FMS- IP – 8 weeks
* Emergency Med – 4 weeks
* Peds O/P – 4 weeks
* Derm/POS – 4 weeks
* Sports Medicine – 4 weeks
* EM/Fast Track – 4 weeks
* Geriatrics – 4 weeks
* ENDO/OPTHO – 4 weeks
* Team Care – 4 weeks
* Electives – 8 weeks
* Vacation 4- weeks

Electives are taken with the approval of the program director and DIO.

Continuity Clinic:

PCC- Wellness Center is the home of the residency continuity clinic. PCC- Wellness Center is a FQHC which offers a comprehensive, highly trained team of medical and behavioral health care professionals. Residents will build their own individual practice of continuity patients and serve as the primary care physician for this panel of patients throughout their three years of residency. Residents will also have the opportunity to follow-up with their patients who were admitted to the hospital with the Inpatient Teaching Services.

One – two half-day continuity of care clinic in PGY-1 year on all rotations Three half-day continuity of care clinic in PGY-2 year on all rotations Four half-day continuity of care clinic in PGY-3 year on all rotations.

Salary , Benefits & Employment Contract

6/2017 Salary CME Allowance
PGY-1 $52,295 3 days – $ 500 stipend
PGY-2 $54,930 5 days – $ 1000 stipend
PGY-3 $57,285 5 days – $ 1000 stipend

Additional Benefits Include:

* Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
* Life/Accident/Disability Insurance
* Malpractice Insurance
* Free parking
* Free meals in physician dining room
* 2 lab coats for PGY-1 year
* 1 additional lab coat PGY-2 & PGY-3
* Hospital subscription to Up-to- Date
* 24 hour access to medical library

Attached PDF of Employment Contract

Palak Shah, MD a native of Mount Prospect, he graduated from St George’s University in 2016 and holds an MPH in Epidemiology. He speaks Spanish, and has extensive experience working with populations at risk particularly the aged and developmentally disadvantaged.
Mohamad Salama, MD a graduate of Ross University in 2014, he has distinguished himself through quality and process improvement coordination at Norwegian. He is fluent in Arabic and paid his way through medical school working as an auto mechanic.
Unnati Patel, MBBS grew up in Iowa, but attended medical school in China at the Zhejiang University School of Medicine. She speaks both Mandarin and Spanish and has been working as a consultant with the World Health Organization overseeing projects in Sierra Leone.
George Mammo, MD hailing from Michigan, he will graduate this month from St Georges University. He is fluent in Syriac, a language second only to Greek and Latin in terms of its significance to early Christian writings. Most notably, each and every letter of reference remarked on George’s “heart and service for the community”.
Victor Chow, MD Brooklyn born, he comes to the Windy City after graduation from St Georges University in 2016. He speaks both Chinese and Japanese and prior to medical school worked as an EMT in Jamaica Queens, NY.
Susana Villate, MD born in Columbia, she moved to the United States with her family at the age of 15. In addition to her MD, she has also earned her MPH from St Georges University. Being an immigrant herself, her desire is to work in a setting that allows her to have an impact on the health of the immigrant communities.

* Must be a graduate of an accredited medical school.
* USMLE Scores: Step 1 and Step 2 must average to be at least 80
* Foreign applicants must be ECFMG certified.
* You must be a permanent resident or US citizen.
* Our hospital does not sponsor any type of visas.

All applications must be submitted via ERAS:
Our Program Number is:________________________
* ERAS application
* CV
* USMLE score report with attempt history for all exams taken
* Personal Statement
* 3 signed letters of recommendation -with credentials and contact information
* Photo

For further information, please contact our Graduate Medical Education office at:

Or email: FMR@nahospital.org