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Acute Care

The Medical/Surgical Unit consists of 27 beds that provide 24-hour comprehensive care to medical and surgical patients, including patients who require 23 hours of observation in the hospital. The patient population served by the Medical/Surgical Unit ranges, from adolescents, 18 years of age and older, to geriatric patients. Patients with diabetes and orthopedic disorders are the primary populations served in this unit.

The Intensive Care Unit provides comprehensive care to acute, critically ill and unstable patients. These patients are in need of intensive treatment and monitoring that cannot be provided outside of the ICU. Care is also provided to patients with chronic, co-morbid conditions who develop acute, severe medical or surgical illnesses.

The Telemetry Unit serves as a place for the monitoring and care of patients with moderate or potentially severe physiological instability, requiring technical support, but not necessarily artificial life support. The Telemetry Unit is reserved for those patients requiring less monitoring and care than the intensive care unit, but more than the general medical unit. Care and treatments include: ventilator support; noninvasive cardiac and hemodynamic monitoring; intermittent vasoactive drug support; and renal function support.